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The Risks of Renders

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

With the latest technologies, we are producing higher quality visualizations through our design process, faster than ever before. With the growing ease of producing 'photo-realistic' visual outputs, comes the risk of miss-managing the design process with our clients.

It can be tempting to 'go too realistic, too early', and in doing this we can present a scheme that looks far more resolved than it is, or should be at that stage of the project.

A design that feels too resolved too early can give a client the sense that they haven't been properly involved in the design decision making process. This can lead to anxiety as the more resolved a design looks the less it looks like it could be changed, manipulated, made better.

My learning's are, avoid going too realistic too soon. Its tempting but by visually communicating your project in a way that is appropriate to the stage of the process, you're more likely to manage client expectations and achieve a 'best for project' outcome.


Imagery used in the early phases of a project should be about communicating the broader design moves

More contextual elements can be added to start to hint at how the design might be used/inhabited

Materiality can start to be introduced as the design develops.

Sketch collateral can be swapped out for more realistic versions as the design becomes more finalized and there is a need to promote/market the project

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