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The Mass Maker

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

The Mass Maker is one of our early Design Automation projects and much like the Build-O-Matic 5000 project looked to add value to the feasibility or bulk and location phase of a project.

Using a combination of Revit, Dynamo and Autodesk's Project Fractal we wanted to create a system that would allow us to generate thousands of design options in the same time it traditionally takes us to generate just a few.

The image below is an example of our traditional workflow where we generated 4 different design options for a particular site.

A custom Dynamo script was created to replicate the parameters we would traditionally design to.

When running the Dynamo script in Project Fractal, we generated 2916 design options based on the pre-determined criteria. The next step is to sort these options to determine the most optimum for the clients needs. We are currently exploring Autodesk's Refinery software to explore this next step.

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