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Apartment View Analysis

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

We have been exploring alternative ways of ensuring our clients are getting the best possible design outcome on their projects. We have started to look at what this might mean for a residential development and how we might analyse the quality of views from apartments we are proposing.

To have these metrics feed- back into the bulk and location phase of a project is a powerful thing and one that would ensure we are maximizing the return on the clients asset.

The system consisted of a massing model created in our concepting software and a custom piece of coding which identified individual apartments. The system would then fire out rays from the outside face of those apartments and the distance obstructed or unobstructed determined the quality rating of that apartment. For example rays that hit the surrounding context indicated a restricted or short view from that apartment compared to rays that continued on for a significant distance indicated a more expansive outlook.

The image above shows how we then colour-coded the massing model to visually demonstrate three levels of apartment view quality. This was an intuitive way of explaining the value of our system, a spreadsheet was also provided to the client so they could start to put indicative market sales pricing to those apartment types and get an idea of what the return on their investment was likely to be.

This system could easily be applied to other building typologies and projects. If views and outlook are important and valuable to you and your project then this system is what you need.

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