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Designing with Augmented Reality

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Whilst the bulk of our attention in recent years has been focused on developing our Virtual Reality capability. We are exploring opportunities to leverage Augmented Reality for our clients and project teams benefit.

The main benefit we see in Augmented Reality (AR) is using it on a mobile device such as a tablet with a suite of relevant 3D models, to enable us to mock-up designs with our clients on site and in real time.

This enables our clients to engage in the process like never before. We can test design options on the spot with them, this really comes into its own for workplace/interiors projects for example, where we can move virtual furniture elements around in their own work space and then walk around them testing their relationship to the base build or existing office furniture.

The images below are us testing this concept in one of our Jasmax Auckland meeting spaces. Everything you see in the first image is virtual and placed via the app. The second image is reality. Once these elements are placed, its possible to move around the space and view the design from any other point.

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