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Ara Institute of Canterbury

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A three-storey, $34 million, 6690sqm Architecture and Engineering School.

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This building was designed to accommodate future focussed and collaborative learning. Structure, services and materials are on display to enable the building to be a ‘learning device’ for the students and teachers within it.


Using 5D BIM on this project enabled quick and accurate cost estimation for each stage of the design. For example, a cost plan was developed within three days of the completion of developed design and required only 20 work hours from the QS. 

Without BIM, this task would have taken up to two weeks.


The whole design team set the ground rules early on for the BIM Execution Plan (BEP). This live document captured details on how the team was going to operate in a digital environment, covering everything from the software and file types to be used, down to data storage, the QA process, and the level of detail (LOD) required at design stages.


This was integral to interoperability, enabling data and models to be shared seamlessly across the team.


View this case study on the BIMinNZ website here



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