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University of Auckland

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University of Auckland’s $281m Faculty of Engineering building.


The overall project includes multiple buildings, comprising approximately 31,850 sqm gross floor area (GFA) including 98 specialist laboratory spaces for the five Engineering departments at Auckland University. 

With such a large-scale technical project comes significant services coordination. This included:


1772 Lighting devices (Light switches and occupancy sensors)

14993 Electrical fixtures (Power outlets)

2228 Supply/extract grilles
6784 Lighting fixtures

604 Temperature sensors

146 Nederman (extraction) arms


To overcome this challenge, we collaborated closely with the services engineer, Beca. As the information comes from each design discipline, full collaboration and protocols are crucial to developing an effective model.


On this project, Jasmax and Beca developed processes to share the work and improve this workflow, including ascertaining whose library components were going to be used as the basis for further development. Certain architectural elements are required first (e.g., walls, windows, doors, desks) to enable the services engineer to add in their elements (e.g., electrical circuiting, lights, and grilles).


Beca optimised their ‘families’ to better integrate lighting calculations and scheduling, further streamlining the coordination process.




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